PTV Sports New Conex Key 2017

PTV Sports New Conex 2017 Fine Working Feeds Daily Update Here

PTV Sports is a 24-hour Pakistani sports channel; owned by PTV Network. PTV Sports was launched on 14 January 2012. Its test transmission began in December 2011 on Asia Sat. It is a state-owned channel. PTV Sports has telecast many sports events since it is launched. It retains exclusive broadcasting rights for many sporting events including cricket, tennis, hockey and football. Biss Key 2017.

PTV Sports Conex Key 2017

This Time
Fine working
On 4 fit Dish
Freq: 12674 V 1450

Ptv Sports Biss Key Today :F7 E9 A7 AB 1957
CD ABBiss Key China Receiver :F7 E9 A7 AA 19 57 CD AA
Biss Key Other Receiver : F7 E9 A7 CC 19 57CD CC
Ptv Sports Conax key 2017: EF 12 78 6C BD A0 34 65 AD 32 45 00 98 FC DB CA

# PTVSports on "Conex Key"
32 Diget Code
Jin Kay Pass Conex Key Walay "Original STB Receiver" Hain Wo is Conex Key ko Conex Option Main Ja kar Key Add Karo Aur PTV Sports Enjoy Karo .

PTV SPORTS Paksat 1R (38.5E) Freq: 11040 V 1600 MPEG4/HD/SID-0001 Biss ID-KQ 576
Update: 02-06-2017
New Biss Key: A1 23 B4 78 56 C7 89 A6

Tv Feed Home ANT On
Satellite Paksat 1R at 38.0E
Channel Name ptv sports 2 Test Ptv Home Feed
Freq (Frequency/TP) 4055
SR (Symbol Rate) 7000
CW: 51 32 13 CC 9A DD EC CC

PTV K LATE PakSat.1R@ 38.0°E Freq: 4055 V 7000 MPEG.2/Biss SID.0001
Update: 26-05-2017
New Key: 07 86 66 F3 22 91 10 C3

PTv Sports Latest & New CONEx
Key 32 Diget
Conex Key: EF12 786C BDA0 3465
Conex Key: AD32 4500 98FC DBCA
Ye key Conex Walay Receiver main add hogi 

Ptv Sports New Conax Key 26/05/2017
Satellite: Paksat (38.E)
SID:0004 / VPID:0203
Frequency: 4005 h 15555
Frequency: 4005 V 15550
New Conex Key: EF12 786C BDA0 3465
New Conex Key: AD32 4500 98FC DBCA

ID: Ptv Sports
4004 H 15555

NOTE : Ye key Conex Walay Receiver main add hogi
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