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Ufone 3G Packages (Ufone 3G Internet Pacakages)

Ufone 3G Packages (Ufone 3G Internet Pacakages)

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Latest Ufone 3G Internet Packages






Daily LightRs. 1040MB24 Hours*804#
Daily HeavyRs. 1575MB24 Hours*4804#
Daily SpecialRs. 550MB1am to 9pm*810#
Daily MegaRs. 85GB12am to 12pm*550#
3 DaysRs. 25100MB3 Days*3350#
Weekly LightRs. 50250MB7 Days*7811#
Weekly HeavyRs. 125500MB7 Days*7815#
Monthly 1GBRs. 2501GB30 Days*7807#
Monthly 3GBRs. 5003GB30 Days*803#
Monthly 10GBRs. 100010GB30 Days*5100#
(Note): For checking remaining Data, dial *707#

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