How To Get Back Terminated(Deleted) YouTube Channel

If your YouTube Channel(Account)was suspended and you want to get back your channel, Then read this article carefully. One thing that I want to explain before you, you submit your application to the Google to remove termination from your channel due to violation of Term of Services and conditions.
I honestly want to say, If your videos on adult sexual, Plagiarized, Content, Hacking or Cracking Material, Illegal DrugsParaphernalia,    Other Illegal Stuff you can not get back your YouTube Channel, because all these material includes in prohibited content. So recovery option must be zero.

              If you are working with good videos and not violating any terms of Services and condition. And If your YouTube account was suspended and you can still access to your G mail Account. You can get back Your Terminated YouTube account. You just have to follow these simple steps. I’m Sure if you have not violated any terms you can get back your account with in few days.
    Procedure To Get Back Suspended / Terminated YouTube Channel
    First read community guidelines.
    Click here to get from.
    Fill your Email and other Information.
    you are using same G mail Id that you use to log-in to your account then make sure your Id Working properly.
    In the Last You have to give solid reason why your account not be suspended any more

Hi YouTube Team,
I recently received an account suspended email from you because of a violation of your Terms of Services.
I am able to open my Gmail account but unable to open my YouTube Account. It says, “ Your access to our products has been suspended because of  violation of  Google Terms of Service or product. My YouTube channel do not have  copyright strike and do not have any single abusive video. I have followed all the YouTube community guidelines and Google Terms and services carefully, please recheck my channel again, If people are flagging my videos.
Please Recheck it, I am working on my YouTube Channel honestly from  (your )years ago and each video is 100% unique.
Please fix my Problem as soon as possible, Thank you for your golden time.
Your Name Here

     YouTube will answer you with in Month. If you are still facing Termination to access your Account/Channel, you can retry again as follows.
Google Team,
My YouTube channel should  not be terminated/removed/banned because I have followed all YouTube Term of Services and conditions as well. Con you please recheck my channel, if people have been flagged my videos wrongly.
Your Sincerely,
Your Name Here

Suppose your account is still suspended. You can last try this
YouTube Team,
I think that my YouTube channel should not be banned because I have followed all YouTube terms of Services and conditions as well. Con you please look my channel again,
Please delete my violated videos and give back this channel to me.
Your Sincerely,
Your Name here

I’m Sure by using This Trick you can get back your suspended YouTube Channel(Account).
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