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The COMSAT Corporation was created by the Communications Satellite Act of 1962 and incorporated as a publicly traded company in 1963. The primary goal of COMSAT was to serve as a public, federally funded corporation intended to develop a commercial and international satellite communication system press. Although the corporation was government regulated, it was equally owned by some major communications corporations and independent investors.[1] COMSAT began operations with its headquarters in Washington, DC, in 1962, with a six-person founding board of directors appointed by President John F. Kennedy, including: Phil Graham who served as Chairman (until his resignation in January 1963);[2] Leo D. Welch, Joseph V. Charyk, David M. Kennedy, George Killion, Leonard H. Marks, and Bruce Sundlun.[3]

In August 1964, COMSAT helped create and was majority owner in the International Telecommunications Satellite Consortium (INTELSAT), an international satellite organization with the goal of global satellite coverage that today has 143 member countries and signatories. COMSAT was responsible for the launching of the Early Bird communications satellite, on April 6, 1965, and has been instrumental in the expansion of communications throughout the world through its various international subsidiaries Biss Key 2017.

StarTrack All Digital Satellite Receiver Software 2017

Size Date
StarTrack IRD SR9090X v11955
1.38 MB07-09-2013
Star Track ST-15X Super Fix 29-07-12.rar
1.13 MB29-07-2012
Startrack StarBox1 RE V0201 20111125.rar
3.32 MB01-12-2011
Startrack Box1W6 948591347 1042529801 br-ssa.rar
667.36 KB09-10-2011
Startrack AC 2000W6 Fix 06-10-11.rar
1.12 MB06-10-2011
ALI3329C 05000500 startrack cr amstar led emu 1387.rar
908.98 KB18-09-2011
Star Track ST-15X Super Fix 22-08-11.rar
1.13 MB22-08-2011
Startrack NEST 1000 NSS6 06-06-11.rar
670.95 KB14-06-2011
IRD STAR TRACK SR9090X v11902 2011May24.rar
1.36 MB01-06-2011
STAR TRACK plugin 20110520 ME.rar
1.33 MB22-05-2011
Startrack 20110516 StarBox1 RE V0201.rar
3.40 MB19-05-2011
Startrack 20110517 AC2000 RE V0200.rar
1.11 MB19-05-2011
ALI3329C Startrack Fta Sky led Emu 1355.rar
1.18 MB06-03-2011
ALI3329C 05000500 startrack cr sky led emu 1 3 55.rar
1.32 MB13-02-2011
STARTRACK SW3 4 07 KEY CARD UPGRADE by eniz9 Fix 13-01-11.rar
1.02 MB13-01-2011
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