Sony Le PLEX New PowerVu Key

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Sony Le Plex (also known as Sony Le PLEX HD) is an[1] Indian television channel featuring Hollywood Movies.

The channel will serve the discerning audiences who seek entertainment beyond the mainstream movies from Hollywood. Sony Le Plex HD will serve avid movie viewers with films that are popular and critically acclaimed. The focus for the channel would be to present the movies in a manner not seen before Biss Key 2017.[2]

It is a part of the wider owned and operated by Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt. Ltd. (previously known as SET India Pvt. Ltd and then Multi Screen Media Pvt. Ltd.) The channel has movie distribution licenses with Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Studios, Lionsgate and MGM Biss Key 2017.[3]

Sony Le PLEX New PowerVu Key 2017

Satellite: ASIASAT@105.5E
Frequency: 4180 V 30000
New PowerVU Key
ECMKey: 00: 1137 54C6 C0CE E100
ECMKey: 01: 0910 927B E3F5 CF00
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