NBA Premium New PowerVu Key

NBA Premium TV New PowerVu Key Good Working Feed TP 2017

NBA Premium TV is a Filipino 24-hour all-basketball cable channel. The channel is a joint broadcasting between Solar Entertainment Corporation and NBA TV. NBA Premium TV is a re-direct broadcast of NBA TV, the league's dedicated channel in the United States. The channel offers High Definition and Standard Definition type of broadcast.

NBA Premium is the sister channel of Basketball TV, but the channel airs more games and NBA-content than its sister channel or ABS-CBN (Free TV partner). Since it is also a re-direct broadcast of NBA TV, there will be no local commercial insertions and only airs commercials coming from the US feed and local announcements. The channel is only dedicated to NBA programs unlike on BTV which airs generally about Basketball, and airs content like Euroleague and FIBA tournaments. The channel also keeps commentary from US during the NBA Finals, and also a direct re-broadcast from ABC/ESPN, while BTV and ABS-CBN uses the World Feed and Local commentary, respectively. The channel also continues to air NBA-related programming during off-season like WNBA games on Pre-season games.

NBA Premium TV New PowerVu Key 2017

Freq: 3716 H 7500
Freq: 4015 V 10000
New PowerVu Key
ECMKey=00: 38B65A085CB55A00
ECMKey=01: EE86E8F13D548A00
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