HBO CineMax New PowerVU Key

HBO CineMax New PowerVu Key Good Working Feed TP 2017

Cinemax (sometimes abbreviated as Max) is an American pay cable and satellite television network that is owned by the Home Box Office Inc. operating subsidiary of Time Warner. Cinemax primarily broadcasts theatrically released feature films, along with original series, softcore pornographic series and films, documentaries and special behind-the-scenes features.

As of July 2015, Cinemax's programming is available to approximately 21.325 million television households (18.3% of cable, satellite and telco customers) in the United States (20.785 million subscribers or 17.9% of all households with pay television service receive at least Cinemax's primary channel).[1][2]

HBO CineMax New PowerVu Key 2017

HBO/CineMax Amos 4°W Freq: 10934.00 H  13750 5/6
P 006019B6 00 ED840210914C59
New PowerVU Key
Key0: 01 CF B4 9F F8 48 21   Next
Key1: BC 78 48 84 42 AD D2   Active
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