Film Plus New Biss Key

Film Plus New Biss Key Fine Working Feed Frequency 2017 TP

Plus was a digital channel run by Granada Sky Broadcasting. It was launched on 1 October 1996 under the original name of Granada Plus, and during its availability it underwent successive rebrands as G Plus, G+ and then simply Plus. However, it remained widely referred to by the public at large by its original name. On 1 November 2004, it was permanently closed down by ITV plc in an attempt to bring its replacement, ITV3, on Sky Biss Key 2017.[citation needed]

Film Plus New Biss Key 2017

FILM PLUS At Vinasat.132East Freq: 11542 V 45012
Update: 24-05-2017
New Biss Key: 2C 5B 95 55 21 E4 6B BB
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