Animax-HD New PowerVu Key

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Animax launched separate Asian versions of the channel featuring its anime programming within separate networks and feeds in the respective regions and languages beginning in 2004. The first one was launched in Taiwan and the Philippines on January 1, 2004, and in Hong Kong on January 12, 2004. A week later, Animax launched in Southeast Asia on January 19, 2004, featuring its programming within feeds in English audio, as well as Japanese audio, with English subtitling, and other languages in the region, becoming the company's first English-language network.[12]

On July 5, 2004, Animax started operations across South Asia including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Maldives, featuring its programming within an English-language feed. On April 29, 2006, Animax started its operations in South Korea, broadcasting separately from Seoul.[13] On August 31, 2006, Animax launched its Malaysian feed.

Animax used the latest logo launched on May 3, 2010, until it reverted to their previous logo sometime in 2013.

As of 2017 Animax has separate 24-hour TV channels for Animax Asia (four separate feeds for South East Asia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan) and South Korea.

Animax-HD New PowerVu Key 2017

Freq: 4120 V 29720
New PowerVu Key
ECMKey=00: 593740EA8A04F600
ECMKey=01: 701DB9E594631100
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