Al Rayyan TV SD HD New Biss Key

Al Rayyan TV SD HD At Eutelsat-10A New Biss Key 2017

Al-Rayyan (Arabic: الريان‎‎) also Ar Rayyan is the largest municipality in the state of Qatar. Al Rayyan means 'the source of irrigation' and as per Islam it also means 'a door in heaven' or 'one of the Gates of Paradise'. Its primary settlement is the town of the same name, which largely hugs Doha city and functions as a suburb, with vast expanse of undeveloped lands administered by the municipality.

Al-Rayyan is bordered by the following municipalities Tezcric Biss Key:

Al Rayyan TV SD HD New Biss Key 2017

FALCON Program for Al Rayyan TV Qatar Eutelsat 10A (10.0°E) Freq: 11561 - Pol: V - SR: 6666 DVB-S MPEG 2 - 4:2:0 ID: Al Rayyan TV
Update: 12-05-2017
New Biss Key: 4D 38 ED E0 C5 8C 06 14
New Biss Key: AF 11 AF 6F 11 AF 11 D1
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